Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little House on the Prairie

Last night was some good ol' fashioned family bonding time at our house. Please do not read this as "every night at our house is blissful, peaceful, and full of love". That is.not.true. Tired kids + long school days, does not usually equal bliss. Anyway...

Gage has been working on earning his religious emblem from Cub Scouts. He will earn a medal to wear on his uniform to proudly display his Catholic faith. Well, not display his faith...more his commmitment to his faith? Eh. You know what I mean...

Last night's lesson, was designed to reveal the talents and gifts of our family. Gage and Claire prepared paper "treasure boxes" for each member of our family. They were passed around the table during dinner. Each person wrote something(s) on each treasure box. Something special about that person. A unique gift, talent, or something generally pleasant about that person. I know the rest of you do this on a daily basis, but in my house words often fly that aren't so kind. "You chew too loud." "You wrecked my stuff." "You're the worst brother/sister ever!" Ouch. Be glad that NEVER happens in your home. It can be painful. Anyway, it was awesome to watch them give such thought to what they were going to write. Which didn't even compare to the smiles when each person read his or her own treasure box!

This is probably mostly for the grandparents. I'm sure most of you have stopped reading by now and clicked back over to passive-aggressive "Bragbook". But for those of you still hanging in...here are some pictures documenting this moment at our house.

Gage deep in thought, writing pleasant things....

Our sweet girl. When did she get so mature?

Yay! This if fun! I love being part of big kid activities!

Boo! This is dumb! I'm irritated that someone needs to help me! I quit!

Smiles all around while reading the "treasure boxes"!

The smile we love and treasure!

The signatures that mark the activity "complete"! This is where Garth called me a picture taking crazy person! Ummm...hello? This is supposed to be a self esteem BUILDING activity? Good thing I considered that a compliment!

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Mandy said...

Beautiful! I love it!